#SoundsofHome Campaign Attacks the Senses and Your Social Newsfeed

In a recent article by Michael Wolff, “Ad blockers impair digital media,” he makes mention that, “… advertising does not ever get better; at its best, it is intrusive — hence, people (at least sentient people) will always block it if they can. And, to boot, their pages will load faster. “ While I understand this point of view (I mean who doesn’t get annoyed when a pop-up ad interrupts your leisure reading of the Times while on the morning commute) I don’t agree that advertising does not ever get better.

Case in point, at my brand we have made reaching the consumer in unique and innovative ways a critical component of our social media strategy. No one wants a pop-up ad to interfere with their media consumption, but if they are scrolling through their newsfeed and stumble upon an ad that makes them feel something, they are definitely more likely to pause and think about the message you are trying to send.

In the latest example of our efforts to reach today’s mobile / social consumer in ways that surprise and delight, not annoy, we launched the #SoundsofHome campaign. The campaign includes four 15-second videos that alert the Facebook newsfeed reader that they must click on the video to hear the sound. For example: “Auto-play videos do not have sound, to hear bacon frying on a Sunday morning,
click or simply spend time at home. Find Yours at C21.com.”

The ads stimulate the senses both visually and audibly. So, while Apple’s move to supply ad blockers with iPhones and Safari may have a negative impact on Google’s ad revenues, we feel comfortable that our SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. approach to digital marketing will continue to position our brokers and affiliated sales professionals well in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

I am most definitely on Team Jeff Jarvis and his suggestion, “…that ads ought to become smart and engaging — that technology properly applied could make ads smarter and more engaging.”  In my humble opinion, if you are not generating creative content that resonates with your audience, the ROI on your marketing investment will continue to decrease as consumer control over what they view continues to increase across all media platforms.

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#WorldsWorstGarageBand Turns Up the Volume for CENTURY 21®

In our ongoing efforts to have our social campaigns live up to our SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER. (and in this case LOUDER) marketing, CENTURY 21 set out to find the worst amateur garage band that the internet had to offer, and we’re pleased to report, there is no shortage of talent out there.  We have gathered four of the nominees here for our inaugural World’s Worst Garage Bands campaign / contest.

These videos feature original music by the “newly discovered” bands. To vote for your favorite, visit our dedicated Tumblr voting site: http://worstgaragebands.tumblr.com





The bands were paid (minimally) for their talents and are fully aware of what the campaign is called. As they say in PR, all publicity is good publicity.  These self-styled rockstars love what they do, and they’re not afraid to laugh at themselves. The bands are definitely in on the joke.

Why would Century 21 Real Estate seek out, and pay for, bands who assault our eardrums? Because no matter how good your neighbors’ music is, if it’s too loud, you’re going to want to move. Fast!  CENTURY 21 affiliated brokers and sales associates help people do just that.

This campaign is the latest digital drumbeat campaign released by CENTURY 21 this year.  The others included: #EmptyNesters and #C21FASTER.


Empty Nesters Campaign Focuses on the Positives of What’s Next

Century 21 Real Estate has released its “Empty Nesters” campaign right in the heart of graduation season. The three part digital ad campaign takes a light-hearted look at how parents are coping with their little ones “leaving the nest,” literally, in the ads.

Graduation season is a bittersweet time for many parents who are on one-hand proud of their daughters and sons who have achieved academic success and taken that first step toward independence; however, on the other hand comes the realization that these 20-somethings will soon be leaving home, many of them for good.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Empty nest syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis. Instead, empty nest syndrome is a phenomenon in which parents experience feelings of sadness and loss when the last child leaves home.” While this realization is painful for many it can also bring a new sense of opportunity and excitement as the Mother says in the ad below, “Yep, she’s gone. Time to move to Florida.”

For many parents this may be a time to explore the possibilities of investment properties, think vacation home, or downsizing into a maintenance free lifestyle, think…no more shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. Whatever the case may be the question of post-retirement housing scenarios is something that is on a lot of Baby Boomer’s minds. This is where the campaign’s tagline says it all, “We’re Here for What’s Next.”

Advantages of Social Media Certification

I recently earned my Hootsuite Certification. What does this mean? Well, for starters it means I have completed a series of online learning modules that cover best practices for utilizing social media to market and sell products and services.

Hootsuite Certification

The certification program starts with beginners level course work that focuses on the basics of today’s major social media networks including Facebook, G+, Linkedin, and Twitter. It then graduates to more platform specific content such as how to distribute content across platforms. Lastly, it digs into the data. How to leverage social listening tools to really get to know your stakeholders, customers, and perhaps most importantly, your competition.

Is certification necessary for the plethora of job opportunities that have developed along side the explosion of social media?  No, it is not necessary to obtain a job.  However, it can’t hurt and eventually it will be table stakes just to get a call back from a prospective employer.  The opportunities in community management, content creation/management, mobile/social advertising are only now beginning to become commonplace.  Social media is beginning to develop standards and I’m pleased to say that Hootsuite is leading the way.

At Century 21 Real Estate, our learning team, C21 University is in the process of partnering with Hootsuite University to develop a Social Selling Certification program based on the overall Hootsuite Certification, but specializing in real estate marketing via social media. By standardizing the learning modules, I’m pleased to say that CENTURY 21 has taken a leadership position within the industry.
C21 Social Learning Hub

Social media marketing is like the Wild West out in the field. There are so many product and service offerings that it is very challenging for sales professionals to get their feed underneath them as it relates to best practices in leveraging social media for their business.

By partnering with Hootsuite University, C21 University has managed to establish a baseline for its affiliated sales professionals to begin learning best practices for social selling with the leading social relationship platform. Now, when a certified CENTURY 21 affiliated professional walks into a listing appointment, they may add the fact that they are certified in social selling. This is a major benefit when speaking with millennial home buyers and sellers.

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C21′s New “Moving” Digital Campaign Offers Innovation and Emotion

Today, CENTURY 21® released its latest digital drumbeat campaign entitled, “Moved by Moving,” a first of its kind video series created using only moving boxes and stop animation. The campaign focus on how new neighbors, new friends, and maybe even a new city can seem scary, but the campaign aims to show consumers that moving to a new home (with the help of a CENTURY 21 professional) does not have to be scary! I have to warn you, each of these videos are over one-minute in length! I realize this is an eternity in today’s media environment, but I promise you will enjoy them. “A New Friend” “New City” “New Nest” The really interesting thing about this social campaign is the artist behind the spots, Elizabeth Corkery, is no stranger to trend-setting – she’s also the creator of special, limited edition silkscreen prints available at Print Club Boston.