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Telegram is one of the worldwide known messengers competing with such market segment giants as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Skype. The app had a tough way to its popularity since 2013 when it was released. Let’s review Telegram in detail.

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Telegram Messenger LLP
v.3.14.0 for Android 4.0+
Varies with device
Google Play, iTunes
11 months ago

Interface – 9/10

The interface is clean and neat, I felt ‘at home’ right away after installation. The background is created in soft basic colours: grey and white. The main interface colour is dark blue, which is very pleasant to an eye. The menu is well-thought-out: it seems that app developers did their best by providing a seamless and intuitive user experience so any user can find whatever they want in seconds. The app has obvious signs of sent and read messages (single or double check marks), easy search by chats, saved messages and options, emoticons and stickers. I would give it 9 instead of 10 for no interface customization.

Features – 9/10

Like other tools for online communication, the basic features of Telegram are chatting, group chatting, calls, and media content exchange.

Uncommon things about this messenger are:

  • Cross-platform support – the app is available not only for all Android and iOS devices but you can run the full-fledged app version from your desktop or web browsers. Telegram is a cloud-based app;
  • Opportunity to send all file types – I can send whatever I want up to 1.5 Gb and the app won’t hang;
  • Telegram bots – third-party services providing access to additional functions, entertainment and information, for example, Wikipedia Voice bot;
  • Telegram channels – third-party broadcast services, where you can find everything: from daily recipes to thematic jokes;
  • Supergroup chats – allowing 20,000 members and providing enhanced functionality;
  • Opportunity to chat without showing your number – just with the username;
  • Custom notification for every single chat;
  • Increased security – the data is seriously encrypted.

As you can see, there are plenty of outstanding functions, however, I would appreciate having some nice features from Snapchat here. Finally, there is no limit to perfection – therefore 9/10.

Performance and user experience – 10/10

As I have mentioned above, the user experience is flawless: everything about design, functionality and neat displaying of options create fast and effective user interaction with Telegram. Its performance is stable and reliable, regardless of the device, you install it on: iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Windows, Linux and so on. The latest version released is available on app stores with a detailed description of improvements and fixes. It NEVER crushed at my device. Due to the cloud storage, you have instant access to all recent messages without annoying seconds of loading. There is hardly anyone who deleted this app due to mediocre performance – so 10 out of 10.

Devices Compatibility – 10/10

The list of platforms and devices supporting Telegram is impressive: it works on all relevant including almost all iOS and Android devices, and other popular platforms that altogether cover 99% of the market. Before installing APK, make sure your device is supported – you can check it out on Google Play and App Store.

The Verdict

Telegram developers claim it to be the flagship app opening the ‘new era of messaging’, while users say it is more than an app, it is an independent communication platform, building new opportunities for individuals and businesses. Today this messenger is considered the most secure messenger available for free download and supported by all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other.) It has been installed from 100 to 500 million times and got thousands of excellent reviews from users.

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Performance and User Experience


Devices Compatibility



  • Extended set of features;
  • Enhanced security;
  • No ads.


  • Some users consider Telegram interface boring;
  • Not everyone knows about it;
  • Safe encryption is not set by default.
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