CENTURY 21 Takes Over YouTube Home Page With Puppy Cam!

On March 27, Century 21 Real Estate became the first national real estate franchise to takeover the home page of YouTube.com when it launched “Puppy Cam” with the tag line: “Fall in Puppy Love with Your Dream Home on C21.com.”  (The March 27 date corresponds to the highest search traffic day for real estate, according to Google.) The campaign included a full banner at the top of the home page of YouTube.com.

The campaign was a huge success drawing over 44 million viewers who spent over 22,000 hours viewing our eight puppy cams! (More metrics to come)

According to Digiday article:  What do a ton of fluffy puppies and a real estate franchise have in common? On the surface, not much, but in a series of Web ads that launched last month, Century 21 has essentially equated watching a litter of wiggling baby dogs to the feeling you get when buying a new home.

Last week, the company took the campaign as step further, running a massive ad on the YouTube homepage featuring an all-day PuppyCam that directed users back to the Century 21 website. The stunt, according to Century 21′s chief marketing officer, Bev Thorne, resulted in more than 44 million impressions.

Puppy Cam YouTube Takeover

“The original puppy video was received so favorably, so we used that creative to take over the [YouTube] front page and had a little fun with it,” said Thorne. “With the traffic that we got, we were able to connect people with agents and offices.”

“In essence, we’re inviting YouTube visitors to fall in ‘puppy love’ with their dream home by showcasing eight adorable videos of furry little friends playing, running, sleeping and, overall, just being downright lovable.”

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Will G+ Dominate Social in 2014?

Google Plus has been live for over three years now and as of December 20113 it had over 550 million users* on the network. For comparison sake, Facebook has 1.19 billion users** and its mobile business has been growing rapidly; however, its user growth rate has slowed.G+ Circles Image

So, will G+ supplant Facebook as the world’s most dominant social network? Well, according to G+ expert @RebekahRadice, blog post, “Google Plus vs Facebook: Why G+ Should Dominate Your 2014 Marketing Strategy,” G+ will become a much stronger player in the social media space. I strongly encourage you to read the post in its entirety as it is well thought out and includes quotes from other thought leaders on this subject.  Key quote:

Google+ is Google. Google is search. Search is where people go to buy. Buying is what makes your clients money, which they then reinvest in your services.”

In my humble opinion, Facebook has a great deal of functionality that enables and fosters community building. This is great for businesses and sales professionals who plan to manage a community and foster business via long-term relationship building. This will require time and an ability to generate engaging content that inspires and generates ongoing conversation.

Google+ is much more for brands and business who want to be found online. And…given the growth of online shopping, this objective continues to grow in importance for every business.  G+ in its present form does not have the robust feature set as Facebook.  This definitely gives Facebook an edge in community building and management.  However, G+ continues to improve and the fact that it is Google provides an inherent value that Facebook cannot match.

The bottom line:  I believe brands, businesses and individual sales professionals need to have business pages established on both platforms. Currently, the networks serve different purposes with Facebook serving as more of a CRM tool for customer incubation and G+ providing an edge in search.  I don’t believe there is an either / or answer to the question of whether you should market your business on Facebook or Google+, but you must understand the differences, understand your business/marketing goals and spend the time / money that is appropriate for you on each platform.  Oh yeah…G+ is launching social ads.

Now, to answer the question of whether or not G+ will dominate social in 2014? Yes, I believe it will grow more rapidly than any other social network. No, I would not expect it to “dominate” social. There are way too many smart app developers and start-ups in No. Cal., Boston, Austin and many, many other cities around the globe creating an entirely new Web environment every day, but as my Advanced Writing professor taught me…draft attention-grabbing headlines.

Bonus thought: Regardless of how much time you dedicate to Facebook and/or G+ this year, make sure everything you post, design, develop is done with a mobile audience in mind.  The growth of mobile and the volume of content consumed will only increase in 2014 and beyond.

For tech trends in real estate, make sure to read: http://eight11.com/2014predictions/ from our good friend @tracyweir


Are You Ready for Amazon PrimeAir Delivery Service?

The concept of unmanned aircraft delivering packages to me in 30 minutes or less via an intricate series of distribution stations sounds like The Jetsons, but could Jeff Bezos‘ vision be that far off? I have been telling my kids that flying cars are just around the corner for over 10 years now…maybe we are finally getting closer to it being a realty with Amazon’s PrimeAir announcement.

To ensure every home is ready for this futuristic vision of package delivery, Century 21 Real Estate has developed the C21 Delivery Landing Pad. The perfect gift for any homeowner.

The Jetson family (clockwise from upper left) ...

The Jetson family (clockwise from upper left) — Rosie (robot), George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, and Astro the dog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Tryptophan Slow Jam

As you know, Christmas has many songs and carols, but Thanksgiving has never had its own holiday standard – until now. Experience the mega-mellow Thanksgiving classic “Tryptophan Slow Jam,” brought to you by Century 21 Real Estate.

This song is now available via iTunes and all proceeds will go to Easter Seals, which provides services to those living with disabilities.

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Twitter IPO Sparks Demand for Bigger Bird House

Given the success of the Twitter IPO, Century 21 Real Estate took the opportunity to suggest the Twitter bird consider upgrading its birdhouse. Check out the video.

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