Top 10 Pittsburgh Steeler Fan Hierarchy

I’ve heard many people claim to be the biggest, greatest, most authentic Pittsburgh Steeler fan.  I’ve thought a lot about this question and I’ve developed the following list which will now be referred to as the undisputed, authoritative, official rank order of Pittsburgh Steeler fans…you may agree or not.

  1. Members of the Rooney Clan (Immediate Family Only)
  2. Members past and present of the Steeler’s organization
  3. Present and former players
  4. Present and former steelworkers in the Pittsburgh area and their immediate families. Bonus points if you’ve consumed an entire can of Iron City Beer. I am proud to be included as a member of the 4th most prominent Steeler fans in the world.
  5. Anyone who can name all 23 Steelers in the Hall of Fame. Bonus points for all those who know it is only 22.  Double Bonus for anyone who knew I posted 23 because it is an injustice that Jerome “The Bus” Bettis has not yet been inducted into the Hall.  I mean Warren “The Ass” Sapp and not the Bus.  Are you kidding me!
  6. All service men and women flying upside down in a jet aircraft, from the hatch of an M1 Abrams tank and all others who proudly wave the Myron CopeTerrible Towel” while giving the finger to terrorists the world over!
  7. Anyone who has elected to have themselves buried with Steeler’s memorabilia.
  8. Anyone who lives in within a 50 mile area of the City of Champions and uses Yinz to convey you when speaking.
  9. Anyone who has viewed all six Super Bowl Championship games and those other two appearances.  Thank you Neil O’Donnell and Rashard MendenFumble for ruining great seasons.
  10. Cleveland Browns fans who have become so disillusioned with their own team that they root for Pittsburgh because we are both in the AFC North and they can’t possibly root for the Ratbirds.

    Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers wave their Ter...

    Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers wave their Terrible Towels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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