Ten Signs Its A Spam Scam

It is difficult to keep up with the demands of being a professional in 2011. Trying to keep up with email, video, skype, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogosphere, teleconferences and Webinars is enough to push even the most-seasoned corporate marketing pro over the edge and into the woods looking for a lengthy sabbatical with Henry David Thoreau at Walden’s Pond. Forget about keeping up with admin requirements, personal-life, snail mail and the commute!

But what I really love are the constant barrage of junk email scams that continue to perpetrate my spam filters and make their way to my inbox and ultimately my life, as my eyes are forced to work for 2 seconds per scam, plus the additional 3 seconds it takes me to select Action / Junk email / Add Sender to Block Sender List. That’s a lot of time wasted at the end of the year.

So, I thought I’d vent here in my first “Rant” about some of the most common spam scams that just never seem to relent. I can’t say I admire their creativity, but the persistence is remarkable.

1. Any email from anyone with Barrister in their title. How many barristers do you know, really?

2. Email from any embassy, unless you work for the Dept. of State or the U.N.

3. Emails that inform you of winning a prize worth millions, usually in British pound sterling.

4. Email from diplomats (see below)
I’m Diplomat Simon Bruno, I have been trying to reach you on your telephoneabout an hour now just to inform you about my successful arrival at Mineral Wells Dallas International Airport with your Consignment Box worth US$1.2 Million which I have been instructed by ELITE COURIER SERVICE COMPANY to be delivered to you.

5. Notifications from international banking institutions (see below)
Mr.Vincent Cheung of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Hong Kong. I am getting in touch with you regarding the estate of a Deceased client with similar last name as yours and an investment placed Under our banks management.

Here is a helpful tip video from RescueTips.com. If nothing else the soothing Caribbean music will help you calm down after reading another email from the “High Commissioner of Compensation from the United Nations Compensation Commission.”

6. Beneficiary notification as a result of an international class action suit (see below)


The United Nations Compensation Commission(UNCC)has made available a total of $863,725,490.00 to 27 governments and two international organizations for distribution to 370 successful claimants who has being Victims of Internet scam

7. Emails from any Lottery Awards Department

8. Western Union Money Transfer (see below)
There is an issue with the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER in the amount of $2,500,000.00 (two million five hundred thousand US Dollars). The sum was directed in cash and credited to file WMT/9023118307-09 to the owner of this e-mail address.

9. Penny stocks are making me a fortune (see below)

So I wanted to tell you about this penny stock newsletter that has made me a TON of money lately. Normally these newsletters are scams and dont work but this company has literally picked 3 WINNERS in a row since I signed up!!!

10. Any email that starts with “Dear Sir/Madam,

Bonus Spam Scam: Emails that come from any government officials in any country in Africa.

If you receive any of these emails, add them to your junk folder. They won’t stop, but at least you will feel like you ard doing something to make the planet a better place.

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