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About me

Hi there! I’m Matt, nice to meet you!


You know, I’ve been an extrovert as long as I remember: I had plenty of friends as a kid, as a teenager, and as a college student, without mentioning my big family with countless cousins who also happened to be my friends 🙂 Now I have a wide social circle: friends, coworkers (and that family of mine remains as big as it was). And apps are helping me to keep it that way tremendously.


Having your social life right in your pocket is convenient. And various apps help us with that on a daily basis: keeping in touch with an old friend, meeting new people, keeping up with work stuff – we can have all our updates, and we can have them now!


I’ve created this blog wishing it to become some kind of a social encyclopedia in the apps world – full of reviews and test-drives of various social and communication apps, popular, as well as not so well-known ones.


I really hope my reviews will come in handy and maybe help you discover new cool apps you’ve never heard about.
  • UC Browser Mini -Tiny Fast Private & Secure

    Do you often go online and would like to have a convenient browser? The Android app UC browser mini will be a good solution. It is based on the U2 Kernel technology, which was created specifically for those who like UC browser 10.5. This application......

  • Facebook Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

    Messenger is an excellent application for those who always communicate with their friends and relatives actively. Only Facebook users could register here until 2015, but now that requirement does not work, everyone can open an account in the program! If you want to create an......

  • Google Chrome – The Best Mobile Browser

    Do you often go online and would like to make it more convenient? Download Google Chrome. It is a browser which is fast and secure and is designed specifically for Android users. In Google Chrome various news is available; you can easily navigate to your favourite......